Celtic Copper Cuff Bracelet with Paisley Pattern

Celtic Copper Cuff Bracelet with Embossed Paisley Pattern

This beautiful Celtic Copper Cuff bracelet has an embossed paisley pattern.

This copper adornment, as with my other copper jewelry has been been coated with a clear protective coating to prevent patina.

Please see fitting and care tips below.

Celtic Copper Cuff Bracelet with Paisley Pattern

Celtic Copper Cuff Bracelet with Paisley Pattern

$55.00 including free shipping within the U.S.


This Celtic Copper Cuff bracelet is available in 1.5 – 2″ widths and a custom sized circumference to fit your wrist. Please see below to determine the circumference you will need.
Be sure to include your circumference measurements in the “notes” section of your PayPal checkout. Or, alternatively, please e-mail me.

Bracelet Fitting Tips:

To make sure your bracelet will fit, the easiest way to get a good fit is to measure a cuff bracelet you already have, one that fits you well and look for a bracelet with those dimensions. What we’re looking for here is the inside circumference of the bracelet. The total inside circumference is the inside circumference of the bracelet from end to end plus the gap (the gap is the distance between the ends).

If you don’t have a cuff bracelet to use for comparison, then you will need to measure your wrist where you want to wear the bracelet. There are a few ways to do this:

1. Use a cloth tape measure to measure around your wrist where you will wear the bracelet.
You will then use this measurement as your wrist size which corresponds to total inside circumference for your bracelet.

2. You can, alternatively, wrap a piece of string (or ribbon) around your wrist where you will wear the bracelet. Make a mark on the string where the end meets the rest of the string.
Remove the string and lay it on a ruler. Again, this measurement is your total inside circumference for the cuff.

As I make custom make these bracelets, I can make you an appropriate circumference.

How to properly put on a cuff bracelet:

1. To put a cuff bracelet on your wrist simply hold the cuff in your opposite hand with the opening facing out. Slide the bracelet over your thumb with each side of the cuff on the top and bottom of your hand. Move the bracelet down your hand until you have reached the smallest part of your wrist. When you reach the smallest part of your wrist gently begin turning the bracelet.
2. Now, roll the cuff from the inside of your wrist, across your arm.
It should be easy to put on and take off in a ‘rolling motion’

When you purchase a cuff bracelet, please realize that if you adjust it, it is not returnable.
To adjust your bracelet, be very careful how you adjust it so you don’t make it an odd shape or damage it.
It is best to adjust the size of the cuff near the ends of the bracelet, near the opening.
Do not bend it in the middle. Doing this could eventually weaken the bracelet.

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